Translation and Interpretation Services

Thai Translation Vancouver is committed to provide the highest quality possible in translation services while keeping the best price to our customers. We recognize that it is not just the word accuracy of a translation that is important but deep knowledge of language culture as well, something that only experienced native language translators are able to provide.

For individuals we offer official translation of wide range of documents:

– Birth Certificate Translation
– Marriage Certificate Translation
– Divorce Certificate Translation
– Judgment Translation
– Police Record Translation
– Power of Attorney Translation
– Will Translation
– Academic Degree Translation
– Diploma Translation
– Adoption Papers Translation
– Naturalization Papers Translation
– Immigration Documents Translation
– Patent Translation
– Medical Documents Translation


For businesses and other organisations we offer:

– Legal Contracts Translation
– Correspondence Translation
– Marketing Materials Translation
– Web-sites Translation
– Business Proposals Translation
– Different Manuals and reports Translation

Our certified translation service is carried out by certified translators who are registered with official translation associations in BC and Canada. Each translation contains a declaration stating that the target language text is an accurate and complete translation of the source language text and includes official seal of certified translator.


Interpretation Services

When you require high-quality interpretation, our accredited interpreters provide consecutive or simultaneous interpretation at very competitive rates:
– Business Negotiations and Meetings
– Conferences and Lectures
– Courts, Trials, Witness Preparation
– Immigration Procedures
– Presentations and Seminars
– Trade Shows and Networking Events
– Doctors Visits and Medical Assessments
– Insurance Investigations
– Guided Tours

Our Interpretation services provided in person on-site, or via phone or videoconferencing. Whether you have an international conference planned or you are waiting a client who is not fluent in your language we will ensure your mutual understanding.